5 Reasons for your DKG Membership


Professional Network and Knowledge Exchange

As a member of the German Rubber Society, you benefit from an extensive specialist network. Right from the start, you have the opportunity to get in touch with specialists and experts and benefit from their experience. Through our events, committees and working groups, you can share the latest insights, experiences and research, and network with potential collaborators and colleagues. This is an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest technologies, research and developments in the industry and to expand your own knowledge.


Events and integration into a personal network

DKG membership gives you access to a unique rubber industry network. You have the opportunity to participate in regional conferences, working groups, and exchanges of experience free of charge and at special rates for all DKG conferences, meetings, seminars, and continuing education events. In this way, you can not only deepen your specialist knowledge, but also expand your professional and personal network.


Career development and Talent management

Membership in the DKG gives you the opportunity to expand your professional knowledge, exchange ideas with other professionals, and stay abreast of the latest technology. It will also help you discover new professional opportunities and advance your career.

The DKG also provides a platform for young scientists. Through training opportunities, networking meetings, contacts and the opportunity to attend conferences. The DKG also awards scholarships and promotes young talent in the field of rubber technology.


Research Funding and International Collaboration

The DKG is the industry’s innovation driver and supports and promotes research and development in the field of rubber technology. As a member, you benefit from exclusive access to funding programs that provide financial support for research projects or studies. You can participate in DKG joint research projects and our working groups and play an active role in them. Membership also gives you the opportunity to participate in international research projects and conferences and to benefit from global developments in the rubber industry.


Exclusive access to specialist information

Membership of the DKG gives you exclusive access to the protected members’ area. There you will find presentations and documents on our DKG events, current research results, technology updates, member surveys and the latest industry information. In addition, you will receive the DKG eNews every month, keeping you informed about the latest developments in the rubber industry and enabling you to benefit from the latest trends and innovations.

Member Companies

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